Road Tripping Through Iceland Part II


After two nights in the sweet little town of Vik, we thanked our host most graciously for her help, and within minutes of driving away from the coastal town, we left the rain and mist behind us and burst back into bright sunshine. Oh the joys of the open road!  Today we were off to see glacier lagoons, another national park and a river that tore down through a gorge in a valley called Fjathrarglijufur. As we drove, the landscape changed drastically and we suddenly found ourselves amid the largest lava field in the world!  Every which was you looked was a blanket of blackened, cooled lava, which was being taken over by bulbous green moss tufts, creating a strange spectacle. Continue reading


My home is a wondrous place. It is a land of snow and ice, lakes and rivers; and endless expanse of ancient rock, littered with stunted trees that look like asparagus stalks, or something out of a Dr. Seuss story. We struggle through long, dark winters where the sun sets at 3pm and doesn’t rise again until 10am. We drive cars over frozen lakes, drill holes to fish through 4 feet of ice, and walk to work in -56 degrees Celsius.  In summer we thrive on 3am sunrises and midnight sunsets. We tend our gardens until midnight, carry bug spray at all times, and forget to go to bed because the sun refuses to remind us it is bedtime. Continue reading