Back To Guatemala: Tikal Ruins


My tuk tuk pitched out into traffic and jolted to a stop at the first set of lights. As it turned green, the motorcycle beside us lurched into a cat wheel, shooting ahead of us, the scooter next to him bolted after him, and our tuk tuk picked up the rear, gears grinding, engine struggling as it coughed to life and chugged through the intersection. Each gear shift was a screeching protest from the stressed engine. We puttered across the bridge and made our way from Santa Elena into the beautiful and quaint Flores. Cobblestone streets in abysmal disrepair took over for the pavement and we bumped our way along to my hostel, Los Amigos. Continue reading

Lake Atitlan: Santa Cruz


I took a shuttle from the quiet city of Antigua for the two hour drive through the mountain country side to reach Lake Atitlan. The drive was captivating and I couldn’t take my eyes from the road, starring out bright eyed as the sights blurred past me: mountains surrounded us on all sides, farms were scattered here and there, hardy crops of maiz perched on steep slopes, the occasional small village, and now and then plumes of smoke from small rubbish fires dotted the distance. As we got closer and closer to the lake the land became more mountainous, the roads became steeper and cliffs began to form as we hugged the hillside, looking over precariously steep drops with no guardrails. Continue reading

Guatemala – Love At First Sight

Dearest Guatemala, you’ve already stolen my heart. While you revealed your eclectic landscapes to me through the small oval window of a Boeing jet, I instantly felt myself falling for you. As we approached the land mass of Mexico from the open expanse of endless turquoise ocean, I was taken aback by the unending jungle below. It was as if the ocean had never ended, but merely changed colours from blue, to green. Continue reading