I have dreams. Big dreams. Dreams to see the whole world and all its bright splendors, all its dark crevices.  I want to leave this tiny little town surrounded by a moat of a million lakes, these waters an isolating border from the rest of the world. This confinement has become too much. I feel like I’ve become a prisoner in my own home, my creature comforts my shackles.  I covet the loons that take wing off the lakes and soar into freedom. I too, yearn to fly away into the unknown, away from this place that, while suffocating, always was and always will be home.

I know that the world has so much beauty to offer. She has divine truths, and shadowy secrets.  She will share with me her healing powers and deal me painful blows. I could not ask for only her good, I ask for all of it. I want to experience her in all her glory, in all her veracity. The world is terrible and beautiful and I want to see it all.


One thought on “Dreams

  1. I think this is my favourite of your posts so far.

    “The world is terrible and beautiful and I want to see it all.”
    That is so perfect. Love it.


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