Iguazu Falls


I don’t think that words can really capture Igazua falls. Rather than attempt to capture that which cannot be, I figured I would just post a photo essay and urge you to visit this majestic place at some point in your life and travels. It’s one of those places in the world that will humble you, steal your breath and give you peace in return. It’s beautiful. Every fall, every mist, every cascade is a majesty. I was lucky enough to be able to sneak into the Brazilian side without paying (Canadian’s and American’s have to pay a huge fee to get into Brazil, even just to see the falls).  Thankfully border patrol was lax that day and bought our story of ‘we got lost!’. You can read about the adventure HERE in Laila’s blog!

A couple of neat facts about the falls:

The average flow of water over Iguazu is 1,746 m3/s. However, the maximum recorded flow was 45,700 m3/s!!!! This was just last year! By comparison, the average flow of Niagara, in Canada is 2,400 m3/s, with a maximum recorded flow of 8,300 m3/s.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iguazu was voted in as one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the world!


The legend of Iguazu Falls comes from the Guarani Indians who lived on the banks of the Iguazu river. The legend tells the story of the how the people would sacrifice beautiful women to the Serpent god by throwing them into the raging river. One day, the beautiful Naipi was walking near the river when the Serpent god noticed her and demanded she be the one sacrificed. She was betrothed to marry a great warrior, Taruba, and the lovers fled in a canoe to escape so they could be together. Enraged, the Serpent god chased them down in the river. In his rage he split the earth, thus creating the massive falls, and causing the canoe to tip.  He took Naipi and transformed her into a rock on one side of the river, while Taruba was pulled into the earth on the bank on the other shore, his fingers becoming the roots of a palm tree.  Thus the lovers were punished to live their lives forever in torment, always visible to each other, but never able to touch. But alas, you can always see a rainbow stretching from bank to bank across the falls, and people believe this is the lovers reuniting.

I read about this legend of Iguazu falls 5 years ago in my Spanish class in university, and it’s been a dream of mine to visit ever since. How blessed I am to have been able to have made that dream come true!

Without further ado, I present to you the magnificent, the grande and oh so impressive Igauzu Falls:


This is the first section of the falls that we took a power boat into to get up close and personal with (and very wet!). These were baby falls compared to much of what was to come….!


Moments later were drove the boat right next to the falls and got soaked!


One of my favourite views in the park


Don’t feed the Coati’s they said. Stupid tourists… These animals are a huge pest in the park because of tourists feeding them.  They are wild, aggressive animals with massive claws that can rip you open, and they go crazy and fight each other in piles like this when you feed them. Don’t be a stupid tourist when you visit Iguazu, respect the rules.


You usually only see the very carefully chosen pictures of these places, and get the idea that you’re the only one in the park – I took and have shared this image to show the reality. This place was absolutely crawling with people! Thousands and thousands! So while yes, it’s a marvel to see these places, don’t be fooled by all the pictures you see and think you’ll be seeing nothing but nature. You’ll be fighting crowds, waiting in lines and getting stuck walking behind jerks smoking cigarettes and throwing them into the waterfalls below…But it’s still more than worth battling the crowds to see the magnificence that nature has to offer 🙂


The far left of Garganta del Diablo – the devil’s throat. You stand on a platform that hangs slightly over the canyon as the water pours beneath your feet to meet far below in the frothing mass. It’s simply spectacular.


Garganta del Diablo – the beast, the very heart (or throat!) of Iguazu falls – Second largest waterfall in the world.


Beautiful bird in the forest at the park- wish I could tell you what species, but I’m not too sure- anyone know?


Holy shit…. we snuck into Brazil!!!!! And it was SO worth it!


The beautiful view from the Brazil side of the falls.


Brazil perspective – you walked out on that platform (getting completely soaked!) and had a great view of some more sections of the falls. 

IMG_8700              IMG_8676


My favourite shot of the falls, one small piece of Garganta del Diablo, as the huge plume of mist comes blasting up from over 100 feet below to conceal the other side of the falls. Magic, indeed.

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